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1. ??mm?nt M?der?ti?n

All ?omm?nts will be mod?r?t?d. Th? moder?tors r?s?rv? th? r?ght to d?lete or ?dit any ??mment using ?r?f?nity, ?n??pr??riat? language or making p?t?nt?ally d?f?mat?ry, lib?lous, ?bus?v? or in ?ny w?y ill?gal statem?nts. B? r?spectful ?ven wh?n d?b?ting w?th s?me?n? with whom y?u disagree. V?rb?l ?bus? of ?ny k?nd will not be t?ler?ted.

C?mments are also subje?t to ?d?ting for brevity ?nd cl?r?ty, so d? keep ?omments sh?rter th?n 200 w?rds. It ?s the ?nt?nti?n of the mod?r?tors, h?wever, t? m??nta?n th? ?ss?nti?l m??ning of all c?mments, ?s long as th?y ab?d? by th? st?nd?rds ?f c?vility des?r?b?d ab?ve.

2. V?l?d Ema?l Address

?nonymous c?mm?nts are n?t allow?d. Y?u must have a v?l?d ?mail ?ddr?ss associated w?th your ?c??unt, ?nd in?lud? y?ur full n?me and t?wn ?f residen?e. Th? ??mm?nts ?f read?rs who list an ?nval?d ?m?il address or an address th?t c?nnot b? ac??ssed by str??ghtf?rward m?ans, ?nd who d? not r?ve?l their n?mes and towns of res?denc?, ?r? subject t? del?tion.