Kavanaugh investigation continues

September 20, 2018 - By Kate Mountbatten

Kavanaugh investigation

The confrontation between the two sides is rising. The conflict between Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh and Professor Christine Blasey Ford who accused him in a sexual assault while they were teenagers involves two main parties and White House.

Both sides claim that they are one who honest. Democrats are insisting on FBI investigation in the first place, while Senate Republicans after Donald Trump intrusion rejected it. The Senate hearing was arranged for Monday when Blasey has her chance to be heard.

Doctor Blasey refused to appear in front of Senate Judiciary Committee and it forced many Republicans to come back to the side of Kavanaugh. Meanwhile, there is a new information appeared or Doctor has finally agreed to testify since there will be another hearing in the case on the next week.

There will be a meeting of Republicans this Wednesday, where they possible will discuss Kavanaugh’s question again.

We have to remind you that the midterm elections are 7 weeks away. Delay in Republicans’ decision increase Democrats’ chances.

Lisa J. Banks, a lawyer of Doctor Blasey, has said that her client does not mind to work with the Committee unless it would not feature only her and Judge Kavanaugh, as she doubts that there will be an adequate decision.

Banks wrote in her statement that hearing with only two witnesses can’t be fair. It can’t be also called a good investigation of the case. She said, that her client believes there are many names of witnesses that have already appeared in public, and they must be included in the process.

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